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69005RE: [bolger] Re: Birdwatcher: how deep a gripe? now: remote tiller

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  • Wayne Gilham
    Nov 3, 2012

      Another approach to a second tiller station, (or moving the existing tiller station) is to rig a loop of line as far forward as desired, running off existing tiller (say maybe a foot forward of pivot-point, or further forward on tiller for more mechanical advantage..), then thru blocks along hullside (or in the case of Birdwatcher. maybe just below the stbd and port edges of the centerline opening), to turning blocks forward... one long loop reasonably taut -- then you can grab that line anywhere and push-pull to control the tiller back there.  Could even put a push-pull "stick" hooked to that line (pivot at the base of the stick, below the line) to give a sort-of "tiller" -- many old-time power-launches controlled their rudder that way, even if stick was mounted against gunwale (thus push fore/aft to turn) as it's  easier than having line loop around a wheel-sprocket pulley.


      Wayne Gilham

      who set up his 22' open whaleboat with such a push-puller tiller-rope, especially for when powering with outboard, so I could get far away from that noisy, smelly (but VERY torquey) 1934 4hp Evinrude opposed-twin..and better balance the boat, avoiding seating way back in the stern quarters.


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      Interesting. I tried heeling to a certain extent. With the standard old BW helm, you're standing fairly far aft and you're not in a good place to affect the heeling.

      I probably should have run a line thru the CB hole and let it hang to get some area down there.
      I won't go down in the annals of clever skippers.

      The upshot of this and another windy day experience is also to use a sweep oar in conjunction with a troller. Have sort of decided to convert to a push pull tiller somehow to allow standing or sitting further forward.

      Whack-boing! It's dub!

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