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68998RE: [Bolger] Birdwatcher: how deep a gripe?

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  • Mason Smith
    Nov 2, 2012
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      I too tried to work up a mizzen on my Birdwatchers, if only to keep the boat from screaming around its anchor in a breeze. Whew! It would clip the head off a swimmer who ventured into its semicircle. The forward boars on my Dovekie was great but I never felt the need on the BWs. Running that trolling motor in a crosswind, I wonder if heeling the boat would do any good. Not really relevant, but last time I sailed my Micro (one of two) on Lake George, I tried trolling with a downrigger, under sail. That’s pretty good!


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      Having tried to trolling motor a Birdwatcher with a disabled centerboard crosswind, I have learned that it needs a gripe ( shallow bow keel ) or a fore-dagger.

      The foredagger would mirror what Dovekies had, I think.

      A gripe is a whole heckuva lot easier to retrofit.

      So the question is, how deep, and how long?

      I am also considering a broomstick mizzen to help keep head to wind. Interestingly enough Thames barges had steering mizzensails mounted on their rudders which turned with the rudder.

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