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68989Re: [bolger] Re: Steve Jobs designs giant Tennessee

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  • philbolger@comcast.net
    Nov 1, 2012
      Seems that the upright and square 'theme' has been done before indeed.  But there is nothing wrong with folks following Phil's lead...  For instance 'mighty' ILLINOIS (#630) at 63' x 10' x 1'3" net.

      Reminds me of larger studies we did. 
      Perhaps a MAIB piece there.

      Susanne Altenburger, PB&F 
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      Subject: [bolger] Re: Steve Jobs designs giant Tennessee


      These are the kind of boat noted recently to have somewhat higher maintenance costs. But yes, it's perfectly, tastefully Jobs. 

      On Oct 31, 2012, at 7:58 PM, proaconstrictor wrote:



      Looks a little Bolger like. I think it is beautiful even with a few blunt lines.

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