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68909Re: [bolger] Re: slotted screws verses Philips head.

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  • David Baughman
    Oct 22, 2012
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      I agree with the Robertson enthusiasm.
      When I married a lovely Canadian girl 37 years ago
      I was delighted and amazed to discover
      these simple, useful screws.
      Even the tiniest brass screws can be installed with confidence,
      and the screw clings to the driver,
      simplifying work in one-hand-only areas.
      And they are manufactured in standardised sizes
      and colour-coded (yellow green and red cover sizes 3 to 10),
      making it easy to match screws with appropriate drivers.
      I assumed these screws would take over the market
      in all of North America,
      but the USA seems reluctant to adopt them.
      They can be ordered through most any Canadian woodworking outlet.
      If you haven't tried them you're in for a treat.
      Just be sure to order the drivers or bits as well
      or you'll have great screws and no way to use them!

      "We can easily forgive a child
      who is afraid of the dark;
      the real tragedy of life
      is when men are afraid of the light."
      -- Plato
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