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68874Re: [bolger] Pegleg Mast

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  • John Kohnen
    Sep 29, 2012
      Here is a poor picture showing the original construction of Sage's mast:


      The bottom of the partners is maybe 1/2" above the bottom of the
      birdsmouth part when the mast is in place.

      I put the wedges and fiberglass on after discovering that crack. I figured
      the abrupt transition from the birdsmouth to the pegleg caused a stress
      concentration, and that the mast bending above the partners caused the
      pegleg to pry at the end of the birdsmouth part, perhaps causing the
      crack. I was right about the stress concentration, because when Mark
      abused the mast it broke cleanly right at the transition from the pegleg
      to the birdsmouth. But you're right, Rick, the mast might never have
      failed from just wind pressure. You and I both tested it good before I did
      the repair. I added the wedges and fiberglass mainly to ease my mind. ;o)

      Sage's mast weighs a bit over 30 lb. maybe 32 lb.? You gave me that
      figure, Rick. I never weighed it. It's light for its length, but even
      though you made the heel heavy, I couldn't back up far enough in the cabin
      to get to the balance point. But it wasn't very hard to raise or lower
      once I got the hang of it. Being able to stand inside the cabin and walk
      the mast up without any risk of falling over sure was nice! :o)

      You built a Good Boat, Rick. And Jim M sure designed a good one too. :o)

      On Sat, 29 Sep 2012 14:57:23 -0700, Rick B wrote:

      > My two cents folks,
      > What everyone needs to keep in mind on this repair is how the mast was
      > built, where it broke and how it broke, -- at a very unusual manor and
      > location.
      > As the guy who built it a dozen year ago,, what I can say is;It is a
      > hollow birdsmouth mast, but it is cored with solid doug fir (same plank
      > as what the staves came from) from the heel to about 2 feet above the
      > partners....
      > Still, I seem to recall it as a very light spar (could it have been 20
      > lbs naked?)
      > The fiberglass banding was done by John, I'm unsure as to why? The
      > vertical separation is ?? between two staves?? and how deep??? (I don't
      > know). but it is above the failure area.
      > ...

      John (jkohnen@...)
      The most persistent threat to freedom, to the rights of
      Americans, is fear. (George Meany)
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