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68869Re: [bolger] Pegleg Mast

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  • Harry James
    Sep 29, 2012
      You can't leave epoxy with out UV protection. Degrades in a couple of years.


      On 9/29/2012 5:03 AM, Douglas Pollard wrote:
      > I am setting here thinking through my probably flawed logic. It has
      > always been my understanding that solid mast is not as strong as a
      > larger one that is hollow. The thing being that they both weigh the
      > same. Mr. Bolger told me that the mast compliments the lift on the sail
      > by improving the shape of the sails leading edge. This may be true If
      > you are using his figure eight lacing that allows the sail to revolve
      > around the mast. So up to a point maybe the bigger diameter mast might
      > be more efficient??? Epoxy and glass on the outside may well strengthen
      > the mast if the weather is cool?? Epoxy softens in heat so I would not
      > varnish the mast I would paint it white to reflect sunlight at least in
      > the area of the splice. I built a mast for a 35 ft sail boat about 40
      > years ago. It was rectangular in shape and I built it hollow from bottom
      > to top with drip proof vents at the top and hollow all the way to the
      > bottom so that air would be able to circulate up through it. I saw the
      > boat a few years ago and she had been through several owners but still
      > carried the same mast. I believe that fiberglassing a wooden mast is a
      > mistake. I think a slightly larger mast that weighs the same as the
      > fiberglassed one is stronger. All this is mostly my thinking and I am
      > posting it only as speculation and food for thought. Doug
      > On 09/29/2012 04:03 AM, Mark Albanese wrote:
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