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68862Re: Good thing that pretty horse broke my leg, saved me from the Czar's army.

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  • John
    Sep 28, 2012
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      Sorry I'm late with this. Mark's catastrophe happened while I was up at the Port Townsend festival and had most of the groups I subscribe to turned off.

      When you built the mast, Rick, the birdsmouth portion ended abruptly just below the partners. You stuck a solid hexagonal piece up the a** of the birdsmouth portion to make up the length needed to reach the mast step. The joint between the two was abrupt, creating a bad stress concentration. When I picked Sage up from you, you said the mast creaked, but wouldn't fail.

      One day I was out on the local Mudhole on a windy day with a friend. He commented about the noise the mast was making, but I said that the builder told me it would creak, but was strong enough. he felt around the mast near the joint between the two parts and said, "there's a crack here you could stick a nickel into!" <g> I went home and made eight wedge-shaped bits that I glued to the solid stick below the main part of the mast, then wrapped everything with fiberglass cloth to try to spread the load beyond the original, abrupt joint.

      When Make brought Sage to the Mudhole a few months ago I noticed that the fiberglass was pulling away from my repair. I thought that was probably because I hadn't sufficiently sanded away the varnish. <shrug> It sounds like Mark tried to repair that.

      I had many happy times in Sage, and I'm not criticizing your building of her, Rick. We all try things out that turn out not to work, and your method of stretching Sage's mast was such a case.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Rick B wrote:
      > Hmmm, When I passed this mast on to John there was no fiberglass wrapping, just varnished doug fir. John must have had trouble? If so, I never heard about that.
      > ...
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