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68719Re: Good thing that pretty horse broke my leg, saved me from the Czar's army.

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  • Rick
    Sep 4 8:12 PM
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      It's been 11 or 12 years since I built that mast and at the moment I don't recall exactly how I put it together. I do know I built it as light as I dared. No trees around here, so I didn't put them into the design equation, lol :)

      Tell you what, bring the pieces to my place and I'll do a good repair for the cost of materials...

      Rick Bedard,
      Original owner/builder of Sage.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Mark Albanese <marka97203@...> wrote:
      > In the half dozen times or so out getting acquainted with my boat,
      > there've been no troublesome sounds from the mast. John Kohnen warned
      > it was fatally flawed though, having tried a first repair wrapping it
      > in fiberglass. I dumped must have been 4 ounces of T-88 into the
      > pretty good crack that persisted.
      > While moving the boat around with the 20' mast up we tapped with its
      > tip the very end of no more than a 2" branch. That sent a shock right
      > to the base, slicing it off more or less cleanly as shown. The long
      > part hopped to the side, then fell right over.
      > You can see how it's made. A birdsmouth with a lower taper wrapped
      > separately around a timber that's both plug for the upper part and
      > its heel. I can tell you it's a very neat job.
      > I don't know what fixing this right would actually be, short of
      > reduplicating it all. The best I can do in wood is clean it out, then
      > use one double tapered timber to fit the sockets. Or burn this foot
      > and make a new four inch one with an extension lathed off to recore
      > the mast itself. But the joint of either is going to be weak still.
      > I'm thinking all sorts of vague, crazy ideas like abs or steel cores
      > and jackets, just to save the season.
      > Guess if your going to have a boating accident, land is the place to
      > have it.
      > Mark
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