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68705Good thing that pretty horse broke my leg, saved me from the Czar's army.

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  • Mark Albanese
    Sep 4, 2012
    In the half dozen times or so out getting acquainted with my boat,
    there've been no troublesome sounds from the mast. John Kohnen warned
    it was fatally flawed though, having tried a first repair wrapping it
    in fiberglass. I dumped must have been 4 ounces of T-88 into the
    pretty good crack that persisted.

    While moving the boat around with the 20' mast up we tapped with its
    tip the very end of no more than a 2" branch. That sent a shock right
    to the base, slicing it off more or less cleanly as shown. The long
    part hopped to the side, then fell right over.

    You can see how it's made. A birdsmouth with a lower taper wrapped
    separately around a timber that's both plug for the upper part and
    its heel. I can tell you it's a very neat job.

    I don't know what fixing this right would actually be, short of
    reduplicating it all. The best I can do in wood is clean it out, then
    use one double tapered timber to fit the sockets. Or burn this foot
    and make a new four inch one with an extension lathed off to recore
    the mast itself. But the joint of either is going to be weak still.
    I'm thinking all sorts of vague, crazy ideas like abs or steel cores
    and jackets, just to save the season.

    Guess if your going to have a boating accident, land is the place to
    have it.
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