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  • Connor, Patrick
    Aug 1 8:08 AM
      I have a Ruebens Nymph and she is quite stable, not at all tiddly, as I have heard reported re: the original design. On the Ruebens design, I might suggest consideration of locating the oarlocks rearward a couple of inches as she trims head down just a bit for my "Ruebenesque" 200 lbs. Probably ok for a lighter rower. Despite this and her width, she rows very well (wih 8' oars) and speedily, I might add and as below, works well in a chop. I have a hull to the original plans, put together 20 years ago, in my barn that someday will get put on the 'horses and finished. Will be interested to compare...
      Patrick A. Connor

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      The original nymph had a reputation for being tender under sail, as discussed in Payson's description of the Rubens Nymph in his later books. I have not found her to be so. This past week my son and I put the original hull with my rig through her paces on glassy and choppy water in wind from a breath to 16 knots, and found her to be a delightful sailor. Regarding stability, I uploaded two photos to the Rick's Nymph album, one of them showing my son fussing with the rigging while standing up. In capsize tests, she remains stiff all the way to shipping water over the gunnels.

      With her 5 chine bottom, she doesn't have the initial stability of a wide, flat-bottomed hull, but with an experienced skipper she does just fine. All that roundness and rocker is an absolute delight in heavy chop.

      So many small boats are designed to be safe and friendly to absolute beginners, or as yacht tenders that need to respond appropriately when a non-boating guest steps aboard off center. They tend to be unsatisfying with simple rigs under sail. The gaff-rigged nymph project has been great fun, and that hull shape continues to boggle our minds.

      Best Regards,


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