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  • philbolger@comcast.net
    Aug 1, 2012
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      Sorry about this delay, Kev.  A whole lot of good reasons for this...  Your inquiry ended up in the wrong hopper.

      Thanks for your interest. 
      Yes both plans are available.  'Jochems' has been built a number of times.  'Amherst Galley' not yet, surprisingly, as she reflects a range of increasingly relevant issues between human-power, safety under sail, speed, light weight, etc.

      Plans to build one boat, sent rolled in a tube, are:
      - #639 "William D. Jochems" on 5 sheets of 22"x34" = $300.-
      - #643 "Amherst Galley" on 7 sheets of 22"x34" = $325.-

      I hope that this still helps in your choice.

      Susanne Altenburger, PB&F 

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      Hi, Just wondering if plans are available for the Amherst Galley, or the Jochems Schooner. Kev

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