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68304Re: [bolger] small boats (was Re: instant boats)

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  • Scot McPherson
    Jul 17, 2012
      Rarer books have greater value. I collect antique books, and often the seller has no idea what they have, at other times they certainly do know. I have some first edition beekeeping books from the 1800s which are extraordinarily valuable, but I picked them up for pennies or just a few dollars, because the seller probably couldn't get rid of them since they are of value to only a niche market.

      I would go in to the store and just make an offer. I'd probably offer $5 and see what happens. You may walk out with it for $15 or less.

      Scot McPherson, PMP CISSP MCSA
      Old Lyme, CT
      Le Claire, IA
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      On Jul 17, 2012, at 11:12 AM, "c.ruzer" <c.ruzer@...> wrote:


      That seems high priced for a used IB... about right for new, but I never knew it was ever available in hardback...

      Now then, 6 off Small Boats (1973) on ebay at the moment altogether as of now, some ending quite soon, and 3 under that $40!, 1 just over, and 2 quite a bit dearer although still within the usual collectable price range if you must... I already have 2 SB myself - one for use and one for keeps. I suggest if you've a notion you might like to read/own this great book that you grab one (I wouldn't be passing this on if it was either 30-ODD or DB I'd spotted at these prices... I'd a grabbed 'em quick a while ago...), and just like in IB there's info you can build from... and the writing is something truly remarkable too.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Myles" <mswift@...> wrote:
      > If anybody is a serious collector of all thing Bolger I'll pass this along. Over the weekend I saw a hardback copy of Instant Boats at a local book store. Only problem is that they want $40...

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