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68277Re: Carlson's Hull Designer and Win 7 problem

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  • Mark Albanese
    Jul 11 4:50 PM

      That 32 bit version also helps with Win 2000. I run that through an emulator on a older Mac but have been plagued by an intermittent GPF with your 16 bit version on some multichine boats when figuring displacement or projecting the sheets.

      Having tried just about every setting and floating point DLL fix available, the likely culprit seemed to be the emulator itself -just trying to squeeze too much out of too little and with no recourse but to live with it. But now that update works fine!

      Thanks for sharing the fun.

      On Jul 10, 2012, at 7:55 AM, Gregory wrote:


      I recommend you DON'T go to that link. It looks like a site that rips off shareware and probably adds spyware or other malicious stuff to it.

      I wrote the program for fun and distribute it free (only here and up-to-date) on my business website (we build cutters for sailmakers):


      Whatever may be new is there first and I don't have any relationships or permissions for redistribution, etc. Will let you know after looking at it.

      Gregg Carlson

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