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68239Boat Building Material in Cyprus?

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  • Stefan
    Jun 30, 2012
      Dear All,

      since I didn't get an answer on two possibly more appropriate forums, allow me to post here my question:

      Some months ago I have arrived in Limassol, Cyprus, and plan to stay here for the next years. I am living about 3 km from the sea and am extremely tempted to start boat building again.

      Unfortunately, the building space is extremely limited (boat can be max. 10' long, and needs to fit through a 80 cm / 2'8" door). But anyway, TIMS makes big boats possible. ;)

      The big issue is now to find the building materials.
      I've been able to find exterior and marine grade plywood - although in very limited selection - and not all thicknesses were currently available.

      The big issue is now Epoxy, for coating/glueing and as filler/putty.
      I hope to find it locally, so that I can avoid the hassle to import it.

      Therefore my question: Is there anybody here, who knows where to get the stuff in Cyprus?

      Thanks a lot!

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