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68228Re: Windsprint Mast/Sail Questions- Minor Noob Pickle

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  • David
    Jun 26, 2012
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      In my case I have built masts from whatever I have found available. For Oldshoe I used what I believe is some kind of Canadian pine. It is imported from Canada (to Chile) as deck material. It is relatively clean, comes in 2x6 and 2x8 in different lengths and is reasonably priced despite being shipped by containerload, so assume it must be available in the US.

      The dealer lets me sort through a pack, so in general I can find 6-10 really decent ones (with straight grain and only few small firm knots). I scarfed the lengths together to get the 19' mast for Oldshoe and laminated two with plenty of epoxy.

      I rough out the shape of the laminates with my jigsaw, choosing the best available orientation for the wood I have and then laminate with Epoxy. To date they have all held out fine. My warning is to cut well clear of the mark as the jigsaw tends to not cut vertically in the thicker woods.

      I agree that the planing is the real joy (old fashioned Jack plane, not power).

      For the booms I use the same wood but find the cleanest bit I can and scarf out the knots. If there are too many, I laminate from two layers (even if it means cutting a piece in two and sticking it back together again, as this allows the knots to be distributed.

      For a small boat, my advice is follow Dynamite Payson's "Just Do It" theory. In practice, common sense should show if there is anything badly wrong and it is actually quite fun to make spars...

      Santiago, Chile

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Crandall, Chris S." <crandall@...> wrote:
      > I bought a small band saw with the idea that I would use it to cut the taper on my Teal mast. And I did.
      > But what I found is that it's more accurate, more controllable, less expensive, and more rewarding to do the work with a plane. Quieter, cheaper, easier to clean up, and a more elemental experience. I'll never bandsaw a small mast again. (There's nothing wrong with it, it's just not as pleasant.)
      > -Chris
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