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68212Re: Windsprint Mast/Sail Questions- Minor Noob Pickle

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  • Peter
    Jun 21, 2012
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      > Lastly, for the moment, if I had access to a regular sewing machine,
      > is it possible/advantageous/worth it to tape AND sew the the sail?

      Based on a sailmaking career comprising three polytarp sails, I would say yes. Tape is easy to use when assembling the sail and spreads the load. It also tends to creep, and stitching will stop that. I used an ordinary dressmaking-type machine. You need to plan ahead in order to get all the material through the limited space, but I don't imagine it's worse than a ball gown. The polytarp doesn't strain the machinery.

      Get advice about the thread. Any sewing ship or awning maker can save you from a mistake. I suppose the on-line sites can too. The only realy problem I had, aside from not knowing what I was doing, was that the needle got very sticky when stitching through the tape.
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