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68209Re: Windsprint Mast/Sail Questions- Minor Noob Pickle

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  • Joe T
    Jun 21, 2012
      The mast taper can be determined by scaling from the drawing on page 81 in BTNIB. I suggest you do it with a metric ruler and a magnifying glass. I would keep it 3" up to 2'6" except for the taper at the bottom. For a solid mast you could leave the lower portion square then scale off the drawing every foot or two to determine the taper of the upper 14 feet. Lay out and cut the taper on four sides. Then use a jig to mark for 8 siding. You can leave it there or keep trimming with your plane and sand it round. Many options. You choose.
      Note that the drawing states "Mast 16'6" overall - fir or harder." Your use of local spruce will be an interesting experiment. -

      Joe T
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