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68208Windsprint Mast/Sail Questions- Minor Noob Pickle

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    Jun 20, 2012
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      Lurker/noob builder here who is in a minor pickle due to loosing his set of plans. I've looked everywhere, and can almost remember packing them in the last move, but damn if I can find them. Living in Maine, I was lucky enough to buy the plans off of Mr. Payson himself at his shop in Thomaston. Even got my BTHIB book signed and got invited in for a piece of pie. Super nice guy, wicked Mainer with the funky honest Abe/Yankee beard, really cool old shop -tons of models on the ceiling...
      A bit of history, I'm the lucky 3rd or 4th owner of this...
      Absolutely wonderful to row on a large lake I live on and repainted yellow on the outside. Luckily, only the mast and sail are gone, so I'm attempting my first mast and polytarp sail. I've just ripped and laminated 2 - 3"x1.5"x16' pieces of local K-D spruce today (Holy Clamp!). I can kind of piece things together through the drawings in BTNIB.
      Rounding the mast seems very doable for me, geometry-wise. What would be the taper of a solid 3" mast or does it need to be tapered at all?

      Are there any other companies I should be aware of when looking to order a polytarp sail kit? I'm planning on ordering a kit from polysail.com.

      Lastly, for the moment, if I had access to a regular sewing machine, is it possible/advantageous/worth it to tape AND sew the the sail?
      Thanks, Matt
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