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  • c.ruzer
    Jun 13, 2012
      Nope, rather different to an AS. That MAIB issue (Volume 28 – Number 8 December 2010) at page 42 features the BOD article on:

      Matsue Traveler" A Study.
      "...This is essentially a sharpie hull derivative with a modified bow section (flared sides with a deep-Vee nose and forward centreboard) we've developed over many designs..."

      '"Matsue Traveler"
      Preliminary Specifications:
      LOA: 37'2" – LOD: 33'4"
      LWL (static): 28'5"
      Beam over Rubrail: 10'1"
      Beam on Deck: 9'7"
      Breadth of Bottom: 8'0
      Draft Hull (full load): 1'6"
      Draft Max Centerboard: 5'1"
      Sail Area: Approx 800sf
      Displacement Max: 12,500lbs'

      Substantial mixed ballast total unstated for metal, wood, tankage (55gal fuel, 100gal plus much more water and waste), large battery banks, etc, but:

      She will offer enough wooden structure,
      insulation foam, plus dedicated buoyancy
      foam to remain afloat even if fully flooded
      throughout all of her compartments."

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Eric Kramp <eckramp@...> wrote:
      > Hi Chris,
      > You can find an article on the AS-34, with some sketches, in
      > Messing About in Boats December 2010, Pages 46-48. I don't know if
      > the sketches would be of sufficient detail for you to consider them
      > Study Plans, but it's certainly a good start.
      > -Eric

      > On 6/12/12 11:06 AM, joe_mapango wrote:
      > > Can anybody tell me the price of the AS34 plans? Does anyone know
      > > if study plans are available for the ASS34?
      > > Just wondering!
      > > Chris Curtis
      > > s/v Romany
      > > curtisfamilyadventures.wordpress.com
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