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  • jhess314
    May 16, 2012
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      Doug, here's a crazy idea.

      Build your 10'-wide square-sided, flat-bottomed AS-29 (or AS-34 or whatever), leaving off the ballast. Then add a pair of Kurt Hughes retractable amas.


      I like Eric's suggestion of free-standing mast(s) and cambered junk sail(s). Maybe you could even build it out of aluminum, like Wolftrap. Low maintenance and tough bottom...

      What you would have is not a trimaran, but a stabilized monohull. The advantages are:

      flat(ish) sailing
      no rolling at anchor/mooring
      no rolling when sailing downwind
      can use narrow slip (15'?) compared to typical cat or tri
      can use typical travel hoist compared to cat or tri

      Because main hull is wide, compared to a trimaran, you won't have the speed that tris are known for. But your payload and interior comfort would be much greater.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Douglas Pollard <dougpol1@...> wrote:
      > Hi all, I have been considering a TriloBoat to sail and live in, for my
      > wifes and my old age. I am 78 and I feel that that at 32 ft long and 12
      > ft wide she may be more than we want to handle, partly because she looks
      > clumsy and a bit awkward and more boat than I need to live in and sail
      > and maintain. I have looked at the AS 39 some but have desided she will
      > also be to much for us. So am considering the AS 29. For the purpose
      > of living aboard for maybe the next 10 years I feel that she may be
      > uncomfortably narrow. and like living in a tunnel. I think her a nice
      > boat for shorter term cruising maybe a couple years. I would like one
      > wider for living comfort. I am thinking maybe 10 feet wide. Has anyone
      > built a wider one? I know she would be slower and I would be giving up
      > a lot in handling and sailing being wider. I could also just scale down
      > a Trillo boat to 30 X by 10ft and try to imagine a comparison between
      > the two boats. If any one has looked into a wider AS 29 pros and cons I
      > would be interested to hear. A 29 ft square boat would boat would be
      > huge in living space. I have a lot of help from folks who are house
      > carpenters and I feel sure with my boat building know how we could build
      > a square boat pretty quick. The big problem would be in slowing them down.
      > I am thinking of a schooner or ketch rig with both sails sprit
      > rigged to keep sails small. Free standing masts.
      > I am presently sailing an Albin Vega 27 which is a fine little boat
      > but even with a biminy over the cockpit and Izenglass encloseure she
      > would still be a tight fit and almost 4 ft deep. Shallower would be
      > better for the places we would like to go to.
      > I would like a diesel in her if I could squeeze a 12 horse one in
      > her. Most of this would be in respect for our age and the need of easy
      > handling. Any ideas along these lines will be appreciated. I have been
      > thinking about a four stoke outboard but with gasoline likely to be
      > about the same price even charging batteries would be expensive assuming
      > i could figure out how to drive an alternator with it.
      > Doug
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