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  • Mason Smith
    May 8, 2012

      I’d say the answer is yes, you can oil your spars this year and varnish them later or keep oiling them. What oil? That might be the real question. I have long used Deks Olje and in fact am putting it on my Micro spars, first several soaking coats of Deks Olje # 1 and then several of Deks Olje #2, which looks a lot like varnish and makes a surface finish of pretty good gloss but is more flexible, less likely to separate from the wood, and easier to maintain.


      My varnished spruce sprit-booms both got black spots wherever the varnish was dinged, and looked pretty sorry. I rounded-over the corners more, exposing bare wood of course, and treated this exposed wood with Deks Olje 1 and 2, going right over the varnish on the flat sides with both. So I am running an experiment, you might say, in mixing the two kinds of finish: how do these oils work on top of varnish? (I didn’t want to strip, you see!)


      Incidentally, Deks 1 is a very good primer for varnish, and you can do the whole Deks Olje system, 1 and 2, as I have done on a 100 year old Rushton lapstrake rowboat, and then varnish. I’d venture to say that is a very good way to go, the varnish then much less likely to get broken through to the wood and undermined by water penetration.


      What is Deks Olje? Good question. But whatever it is, it is a good wood-bulking agent and not mostly solvents. It goes into wood pores and gels and stays there, pretty much.

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