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67749Re: [bolger] Re: Wish2 SketchUp (was SketchUp Chebacco)

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  • Tom Sorensen
    May 2, 2012
      I've never seen this design.  where would there be a photo or sketch?


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      Hence the reference to design #649 "B-31 Schorpioen"...  With the T-50 she ought to move well under power.
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Stefan Topolski <public@...> wrote:
      > I don't understand why we don't make the logical leap from these
      > criteria - go above and beyond the conclusion of a narrow hull -
      >wider square boat - trailered - own lifeboat- fun daysailer -
      >unsinkable... and you end up with a multihull.

      And if you wish to go Bolger, it is Schorpioen. Bolger's trailerable, single-hander trimaran. This design was featured in MAIB a few years ago. The hull design is one of PB&F's latest. It will build fast and prove very safe, IMO.

      The outer hulls retract cleanly. It has all inside control and virtually no cockpit. Arguably the peak of 'Birdwatcher' design family. About ~30-33 feet in length, all wood/glass plus some aluminum for the sail rig, and outrigged hulls. Bolger considered it a coastal cruiser.

      I'd follow Michalak's advice and build the sail rig including the mast, and spars first, then the outrigger hardware, outrigger hulls, then the main hull. With all that stuff ready to bolt on and go sailing, the incentive to complete the project will grow.


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