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67589Re: Micro, Micro II, Micro Navigator

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  • Mason Smith
    Apr 21, 2012

      My thoughts are that you could hardly do better than to buy this outfit I just bought from Charles McCabe, as it is. It’s well built, with a very strong custom trailer with extension tongue. What needs finishing is relatively minor. I think I will have excellent sails for it, almost brand new, in a few days. Could supply a great motor (that needs its idling passages cleared).


      Another set of thoughts. Buy my finished Micro complete. It’s about to get some spring spruce-up work. Has great trailer, great sails, great motor, and my experimental swinging plate centerboard, hung on the ballast keel for a little better pointing. You could find some work to do on it if you try: its rub-rails are not to plan, yet, though I aim to make them so. And fresh paint.


      Another: let me do some work on the new Micro, so I make a little money on the deal and you get sailing quicker. ---Mason

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