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67534SketchUp Chebacco

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  • John
    Apr 1, 2012
      Hey all,

      Feeding my intermittent obsession with Bolger boats, I've spent the last few weeks 'building' a Chebacco using Google SketchUp, a 3d modeling program free from Google. All (or most) or the parts are there and made solid, not just as a skin. I didn't have a full set of plans so there are mistakes and simplifications. I rigged it with the sprit boom rig mostly because I already had one modeled but also because I've never heard of one rigged that way, and that's how I'd rig it if I had to time to build one.


      It's a quick download for the full program. I built everything as 'components' so you can move pieces out of the way (or just delete them) to better see other pieces. The 'section' tool is a great way of viewing the design. The model includes Bolger's body plan drawing, with the bow of the model poking through showing how closely it matches the the drawn lines. The full program, by the way, includes various ways of viewing models, including using the sun as shading, varying light and dark intensities, using fog effects, and viewing it drawn in perspective and even 2 line perspective.

      John O'Neill
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