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67398Re: [bolger] Re: Clear Coating alternatives

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  • Douglas Pollard
    Mar 3, 2012
      On 03/03/2012 11:37 AM, Mason Smith wrote:  

      More on clear coatings, since Penetrol’s been mentioned. I have heard that it is one of the ingredients of Deks Olje – for what that’s worth, not much. I have friends who never liked Deks Olje (and I never liked that you could not find out what was in it) and preferred other marine penetrating finishes, which indeed seem to work fine, too. I have use the one-two punch of Deks I and II. It’s been especially good on a very old and still very hard-used Rushton Florida model Pleasure Rowboat. Minimum maintenance and easy maintenance, and awfully good for the wood.

      If anybody still wants a recommendation on clear coating with epoxy, I am sure there are other great products but I did, while I used it, admire System Three’s Clear Coat, all solids but penetrating and as brushable as varnish. And I’ll second the recommendation of Captain’s Varnish for general use. Epifanes on great antique boats and showboats. Also Interlux Schooner and its variants, which we’ve been using on the brightwork of the Sound Inter Club restorations (watch for the WB article). Over epoxy, if you must, use the best filter package you can get, i.e. Flagship over Captain’s. and still, revarnish early and often or rue the day.

      I have used shellac instead of epoxy for clear coating. Shellac is less porous than epoxy.  A couple of coats seals the wood well. Then a few coats of varnish over top gives it the UV protection it and epoxy require. So the wood is well protected and the Shellac is easy to remove when the time comes.  I have all the yellow pine bright work on my Elver canoe yawl fished with this process and though yellow pine is hard to keep varnish on this combination holds up well and is easy to redo.  On this pine I use orange shellac and it really brings out the beauty of the pine.  Clear is best for teak and Mahogany.        Doug
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