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    Jan 1, 2012
      Nice to see the pics. A good looking boat! It looks like you have about the same crowded working conditions as I do. When I built my Bantam I lengthened it to 22' and that is the max I can build in a 24' garage :)
      I just wanted to comment that the pointy skiff made from luuan under layment. The luuan back then was pretty good stuff. I used it in many boat building projects. The stuff they are selling today, at least in my neck of the woods, is junk. The middle plys are some kind of white wood and the stuff breaks easily and the pile is so warped the stuff just does not invite confidence, so now have to switch to some other kind of plywood. I wish Noah's supply was close to my home. They sell great Meranti ply at really good prices. If building a big boat it's cost effective to have it trucked. If you need two sheets of 1/4 inch to build a small skiff it's not. For small stuff I may try the 1/4 Accuply sold here at Menards. It says it is doesn't have voids and uses waterproof glue. It's pine so have the grain problem if not fiberglassed. Cost $18.00 a sheet in 1/4". Has anyone used this stuff?
      The downside to Susanne's trouble is she will likely learn to never get involved in such a thing again. That's how we all end up losing faith in such endeavors and how just one person who wants to prove his/her power can ruin things for the many. Even at such a low level it's still politics, and politics suck! I too hope they find a way to finish the project. I want to read and see the photos of it finished and launched in MAIBs!
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "dnjost" <davidjost@...> wrote:
      > While cutting up the skiff I thought a lot about Susanne's posting today and felt a great deal on empathy for her situation in dealing with "manpower", "STEM curriculum (lets make that STEAM with a strong infusion of ARTS), charitable organizations, and dealing with unfunded myopic mandates. I am glad that the DEM and Navy still have support for the project, hopefully they will assist with finding resources and space.
      > I wish I had a 50' heated boat shed to donate, alas my garage is only 20' long and 10' wide.
      > Best wishes for a successful conclusion. Perhaps a good old fashioned barn raising (read that "cooperative boat build") is in order. Could we round up enough skilled volunteers to get this done?
      > David Jost
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