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67202Re: Micro Construction

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  • Peter
    Dec 28, 2011
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      > I recall a thread on another group involving going off-shore in a Micro
      > or Long Micro and one member gave PCB&F a call for their thoughts. Their
      > main concerns involved having the power to claw off a lee shore in a
      > blow.

      I've never sailed any version of Micro, but I've sailed in plenty of shoal draft boats, including my Hunter 28. There comes a point where a wave crest picks a boat up and shoves it several feet to leeward. If it happens too often, you can't make any progress upwind. Light boats would be more susceptible than heavy boats.

      > Tohatsu now has a 6 HP high thrust that might be an option, but is only
      > 1 cylinder (Less torque, more vibration.) than the 2 cylinder 9.8's.

      I was surprised to read the recommendations for fairly heavy and powerful OBs. I used a 5hp in my 2250lb Capri 22, and it was more than enough power for just about any situation. However, they may have been thinking of powering for longer times and distances, and wanted to run at a lower throttle setting.
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