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67196Re: Micro Construction

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  • Jack & Lois Bearden
    Dec 26, 2011
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      Just have a question regarding engine size to hull speed ratio. A 2.5
      Yamaha 4 stroke will get my Micro up to hull speed (I believe
      approximately 4.5 kts.) If I increase power the boat will not go faster.
      Only the bow wave will increase. So my question is what advantage can be
      gained by increasing power, especially against current or tide? I know
      that Peter Lennihan once used a 20 horsepower motor on his micro to
      prevent it from being swept over a water fall during a movie shoot. So
      I'm convinced the extra power works. I just don't understand why. An
      answer that requires no more that high school physics to understand
      would be appreciated. Thanks.

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