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  • William
    Dec 23, 2011
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      A 2hp outboard is a bit small, but it depends where you sail. How far to the dock, mooring, or ramp? Are the waters protected? Tides? What happens if you get caught out in a sudden blow, or the wind dies? People have powered their M's and LM's with a yuloh, sweeps/oars, oatboards, and (I suspect) electric OBs. I think a 2hp would suffice at first, and if you discover the need for more power, you can upgrade.
      Bill, in Texas

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, steve statkus <stevestatkus@...> wrote:
      > Bill,
      > Thanks for the info. Still waiting for my LM plans and I've started on a 1
      > in. = 1 ft. model of the Micro from the plans I have. Scale models help me
      > understand the ergonomics of things I'll be moving about within.
      > I've run across a fellow in FL who has a Micro for sale. My wife and I
      > will be in FL this Feb. so I've made arrangements to look at his boat.
      > I'll be taking a tow hitch and check book just in case.
      > What do you think about a 2 hp outboard? Too small?
      > My thinking is turning to day sailing with the wife and if I want to
      > overnight it'll probably be just me, at least after the first time. She's
      > pretty adventurous but she does have her standards.
      > I'll keep you posted.
      > Steve
      >>>>>>> snip <<<<<<<<
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