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67183Re: Details on available Chebacco plans

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  • Andrew
    Dec 16, 2011
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      The #602 25' Lapstrake Chebacco is a separate plan set to the #540/#575/#540RD plan set. Susanne gave me a discount on buying the lot. As far as I know only one other person has attempted a #602 build and there were substantial deviations from the design, so my #602 is probably the first one to be built to the plans.

      I used the method outlined in Oughtred's book on Clinker boatbuilding to line off the planks. Bolger didn't provide details of where the plank edges were to land. But, it didn't turn out to be as simple as a pencil and paper exercise. I kept shifting the plank edges back and forth till it looked right and even then I changed my mind a few times as I approached the sheer. Some of the frames got planed down and others got built up. The bow has ended up fuller (fatter) by about 2" because that is where the planks wanted to go.

      You ask about the twist in the garboard - yes it is difficult but nothing that clamps and screws and patience couldn't fix. I used 5/8" planking material instead of the 1/2" specified so I made it harder for myself.

      You also ask about glassing the lapstrake hull. Basically this is impossible for the whole hull without loosing the plank definition lines. I have glassed the keel, bottom and garboard plank only and have noticed how much extra fairing work I have created for myself by doing so. I would guess that I have added a week, 40 hours, of extra work for myself in filling and sanding. The bottom edge of the second plank is not as clean and neat as the other plank edges due to the uneven thickness of the fibreglass. It may prove to be worth while if I hit a rock sometime in the sailing future, but at this particular point in time (still preparing for paint) I think glass was a mistake.

      Have you seen Ben Ho's "Three Rivers" site (I have found a bit of inspiration there): http://benho2.tripod.com/boatbuilding/boatbuilding.htm

      I'll put up a current construction photo on my mate's site later today: sites.google.com/site/warrandytewoodenboat/


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Sisuuk" <sisuuk@...> wrote:
      > Hey Again!
      > Thanks so much for the responses from everyone! I feel like I know both Jamie and Andrew as I have been looking at the photos of your exploits and reading about your projects and messabouts for sooo long now!
      > I really like the lines of Chebacco as originally designed.... and as I want to try something new, I would really like to give the lapstrake version a shot (I love the looks of my bobcat but two boats with similar ply construction would be too much for my lady!). I guess I would really like to see side photos of an RD version to see how her lines look in comparison to the original. Thanks for the insights on sleeping room, Jamie. It sounds like my wife and I would fit OK... do you sleep on the floor or is there room for floorboards with storage under? My thought is my wife won't be too thrilled to move gear out of cabin if she is freezing. I will do the boom tent to be sure.
      > As to the mast raising, it does seem a little tough on the bobcat (apx 13' long) but the biggest problem is with all the lines. I am still trying various methods to keep them untangled for quicker launching of the boat. A tabernacle would seem to solve this on a Chebacco and make a boom tent all the more easy. It sounds like your mast is also in the original position and not scooted forward a few inches... is that so Jamie?
      > Food for thought for the cockpit sole....8 to 9" seems like a lot.
      > Also any recommendations on very good (warm) gear for a wet Pacific Northwest?
      > Andrew, did your plans include patterns for the lapstrake or details on the molds to assist? Or did you use traditional methods and calculate your own measurements? And that garboard twist.... pretty tough or not so bad in lapstrake?
      > I like what you had included in your plans Andrew. That would seem to cover it for me. I think the 25' plans are separate. Have you had a chance to sail/spend time in a 25' Chebacco? Just wondering on the pros and cons....
      > I am not so sure on the alternative building method. It looks a bit unsteady and I can't tell you how many times I have fallen on my boats when building! Of course this is a monster and not a little 10 footer! Maybe harder to roll over too. I like to paint the critter upside down. I'll have to re-read the details over again 'cause it would save time it seems.
      > Good luck Bill! I think I just need to buy the plans that cover both.... and the 25' lapstrake and make some models also... very tough to think it all thru when the versions I am considering are so similar yet significant differences could arise.
      > One more question - does anyone glass the outside of the lapstrake? I know the bottom is glassed by some.... but what about the rest of the lapstrakes?
      > I love the Chebacco website!
      > Doug
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