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  • Chester Young
    Nov 2 12:15 PM
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      I would have to concur.  My wife quipped that the new top for the cockpit on EstherMae would look really good in silver that mimicked the Galvalume roof on our house.  A friend of ours then produced an acrylic paint with silver pigment that looks really good.  Problem is that it absorbs heat to the point that you do not want to lay your bare hand on it when in the sun.  The divinycell core keeps the heat transmission limited so the interior is insulated and cool but the exterior is way hot.  Since we are here in Florida with a lot of sunshine it is possible that a color change is in the near future.  But that is very much the way things go, error then correction, error then correction, anything else and it just would not be the same.  Of course if this thread had come up three weeks ago there would have been discussion about the color and possible temperature consideration, I do know that the remainder of the top sides will not be silver.  ~Caloosarat  


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      >  As far as aluminum color goes stick that in the sun along side white and you will see a huge different in heat


      The original color mentioned was "aluminum white" not "aluminum color", but I think he meant Titanium White. Titanium white has a significantly higher albedo than other white colors and across a great frequency range. In fact it also reflects ultraviolet, which is an additional source of solar heat. It would have as noticable a difference in heating between itself and regular whites as regular white does to light grey or aluminum color.




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