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67055Re: Micro Bow Modification

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  • masonsmith@frontiernet.net
    Oct 14, 2011

      To Myles’s note about putting an “inflated section” under the Micro bow—my only thought about quieting the sound at anchor has been to give her a shallow vee section for the first two or three feet of her length, perhaps by fitting twisting plywood panels between the chines and the lower edges of the keel, tapering to the flat bottom under water. Or by gluing on rigid foam, shaping it and glassing it? This would not compromise the design much and could be compared to the bow pad PB&F designed for the same purpose on the Birdwatchers and certainly to other designs in which rockered flat bottoms are given “false” vee entries. But would it work all that well, and why not just decide to love the sound of water (amplified through thin, tensioned plywood)?

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