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66983Re: Long Term Immersion of Micro-series Salient Keels

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  • Pat
    Oct 5, 2011
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      I decided to seal up the flooding holes in my LM keel. I did this
      because when I laminated the ply sides of the keel to the internal
      frame I did not get a perfect seal. I found this out later when the
      boat was complete and out of curiosity I filled the keel with water. I
      imagined that the screws piercing the plywood would expose the ply to
      mousture on the interior. By sealing you gain 150lbs of extra
      flotation which could be offset by internal ballast in the form of
      water tanks or sand bags ect. She is not in the water yet but will let
      you all know how she floats
      Cheers Pat
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