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66955Re: Long Term Immersion of Micro-series Salient Keels

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  • Paul
    Oct 4, 2011
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, BruceHallman <hallman@...> wrote:
      > Considering that I have never heard of an example of the "per plans"
      > Micro failing, the flip side of this question is:
      > Is there any reason to attempt to improve the Micro?
      > Making things that are good enough to be 'better' (and more costly)
      > isn't always wise.
      > Isn't good enough good enough?
      Right you are Bruce - and let's not forget the time factor. When I started building my micro, coming from a background of fine strip canoe and kayak building, I still felt the need to improve on things and make my minimalist plywood sailboat into a gold-plater. But deviating from the plans means lots of time rethinking many things that the designer already took care of for you; following the plans means you can work much more quickly. If I'd stuck to the original plans and scantlings I'd probably have had many happy years sailing my micro by now, instead of having a nearly finished boat still lurking in the boatshed by the garage.
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