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66643CarTopper Sailboat

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  • Monies
    Aug 7 7:24 AM
      Mike Monies sailed "The Noble Plan" his Bolger Cartopper sailboat in the Texas 200 in 2009. The first 150 miles was with the Bolger leg of mutton sail, the last 150 was with an improvised mast and sail after he was dismasted in a capsize in Corpus Christi Bay.

      You can read Mike's adventures in Duckworks magazine, as well as in Small Craft Advisor magazine, for the Texas 200 adventures.

      Mike built his Cartopper exactly to plans with the exception of adding additional flotation under the floorboards. Which wasn't enough! He says now he would add more flotation in bow and stern as well. We still own and sail this little boat but he doesn't intend to modify it. Or sail it in Texas 200 again!

      This is a tender boat, subject to easy capsize actually. It is a lovely graceful hull and the "Noble Plan" is one of the prettiest small boats Mike has built.

      Having said that, don't start messing with moving centerboards, putting lee boards on her, that is all major stuff that is going to change how she sails and performs. Just build her according to plans.

      Best- Jackie Monies
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