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665[bolger] Re: Porta-potties: A Stinky Subject

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  • David Cassidy
    Nov 3, 1999
      Months?!!!!! I've always emptied mine within 24 hours of arriving home,
      and it has never carried an oder.

      I suppose anything is worth a try (re: ammonia), but it may be time for a
      new porta-pottie.

      Live and learn.


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      Date: Wednesday, November 03, 1999 2:45 AM
      Subject: [bolger] Porta-potties: A Stinky Subject

      After a looong discussion (which I lost) over who was actually supposed
      to empty the porta potty after a trip this summer, I had the unpleasant
      task of emptying a quite fragrant variatal of effluent.

      I’ve got the goop out, but the thing still, well, STINKS. This is the
      first year we used the thing, is this normal, or did we really blow it
      by forgetting it in the shed for a few months? Anyone get smells out of
      these things? I’ve used ammonia in my car to remove dead fish smell
      (“oh, THAT’S where that other bunker got to”). Would this work if left
      to stand in the tank?

      Any advice very much appreciated. Please keep the jibes to 1 per

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