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65980Re: Chinese or expensive occume for hull?

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  • pkortlucke
    Apr 10 8:37 PM
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "thewildernessvoice"
      <thewildernessvoice@...> wrote:
      > I am seriously thinking about building the Whalewatcher I have plans
      for, it will take about forty sheets of plywood edensaw is near me in
      Tacoma WA, they cheap chinese occume that meets the 1088 standard is
      about $40 a sheet where as the expensive stuff is about $100 more per
      sheet. >>

      It is common for Asian manufacturers to stamp BS1088 on sheets of ply
      that do not meet the standard, as it is a British standard and
      unenforcable in the rest of the world. If it is to that standard you'll
      be fine...if not you'll have problems. If you can get a guarantee from
      the supplier it might be OK. I get Asian occume from my supplier here in
      Brisbane that is fine but they inspect everything very carefully and
      have found a reliable manufacturer.


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