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  • Mark Albanese
    Apr 10, 2011
      New 004.tif here

      Publication date is 1998. I was still able to get a new condition copy recently.

      They went far an wide in the PNW across several years in this boat, starting from their home in Belliingham, Washington. Base is a huge home built multichine houseboat called Homeboat. His design philosophy went like

      " Phil Bolger designed a boat called Birdwatcher which looks similar to Swallow and was the inspiration for Swallow. Several people have recognized Birdwatcher in Swallow, but they usually have a comment such as, "I didn't know Birdwatcher was so big." Well, I didn't know she was so big either, and I still don't know, not having seen the plans. I am the kind of person who can't let boat designers do their job. I have to change everything because I think I have a better idea. When considering Swallow's design, I believe we made many right choices. No doubt Birdwatcher sail and rows better than Swallow, but Swallow is bigger and carries more gear.

      She's got small, triangular transoms bow and stern. Most significant difference apart from the rig is the one man cockpit in the stern, all on on the same LOA. Must be somewhat beamier. Flat tarp main'sl, later converted to Junk. Oars, yes. He got a motor later, to make life simpler the other way 'round, but rowing was a big part of the fun.

      The trouble with these boats for a singlehander might be that, cockpit or no, one needs the family or a big pile of stores further forward to be in proper trim.

      Maybe you could pay for the extra size of Nancy Jack in acx plywood over the plastic! Note Dan's solution to that! Nice privacy.

      On Apr 10, 2011, at 4:50 PM, c.ruzer wrote:

      oop? Out Of Print? oops. How long, how far did they cruise? Somewhat removed from the original ideas of relaxed sailing simplicity is it not, with lots more strings 'n things to attend to? On that sort of water though she was probably a cheap, comfy, dry, roomy, and child-safe cruising choice. Good on 'em!

      I suppose from the looks that they got the middle and leeboards ideas from Whalewatcher? And chopped off the transom square to mount the outboard motor off the side there - differently to what others have done further forward? And kept the oarports? Looks like a big change in rudder foil profile and chord. Is that a boomkin for a mizzen too? And what... a junk main sail?

      There was once a Nacy Jack... open boat, but similar hull IIRC... how would a Birdwatcher do at that size? Cut back on the transparent panelling to lower cost...

      How'd their leeboards go? Much weatherhelm?

      Thanks for sharing the $600 Boat photo scan.

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