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65951Re: [bolger] Re: Phil's opinion of micro vs. long micro

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  • Stefan Topolski
    Apr 5, 2011
      As I had felt, the photos show that she livens up a bit and looks a little cuter with something on top to break up the long straight lines, รก la Red Zinger and others.  

      Richard Zapf's photos of Red Zinger seem a lot like a longer and centerboard version of Phil's later sharpie work.  Still with a sharper curved entry like Dovekie but flat and full amidships.  

      I'm not sure that the finer curved entry up front makes a difference, and Richard wrote that it was a real bear to try and build those curves in.

      All the Best,

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      On abr 3, 2011, at 2:16 pm, Douglas Pollard wrote:


      MR. Bolger in commenting on my wanting my boat 30ft instead of the 28ft as we originally talked about, said "Of course we all know bigger is always better".    This of course was in the context of the boat were were talking about certainly not any or every boat.                 

      On 04/03/2011 01:40 PM, loyseal1 wrote:


      Finally got back home after watching the Texas Rangers beat the Red Sox on opening day. Here is the letter from Bolger.

      Dear Mr. Seal,
      Plans of Long Micro, our Design #486, are available for $200 to build one boat; of Micro Design #422, $150.

      Costs and time vary so wildly, that it useless to give figures, according to builder's habits and circumstances. Long Micro is about 50 % heavier than Micro, 532 lbs. of ballast to 412 , for instance. That would be a fair reflection of relative material cost. The difference in labor time would be much less as all the operations are the same.

      In our opinion, and what we hear from owners, Long Micro is the better value for the investment in money and effort. They are powerful good sailers.

      Phil Bolger

      So there it is, a direct comparison of the two, directly from Bolger.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "loyseal1" <loyseal1@...> wrote:
      > Ten years ago when I lived in New Orleans, I wrote Bolger a letter asking his opinion of the two boats. He closed the his reply with, "Long Micro is a powerful sailor." He indicated that he thought the Long Micro was a better value (my wording)for the time and money invested. I am out of town right now. When I get home, I will post the entire letter for everyone's enjoyment. I am very proud of my letter and proudly display it in my study.
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Stefan Topolski <public@> wrote:
      > >
      > > There's never a final word on our emotional perseverations on this and that boat design, or a wee bit of not harmful ancestor worship in asking what Phil would say...
      > >
      > > So i'd like to ask what Phil might have felt in comparing his work on micro and long micro. Was the first a more ideal work from first principles and the latter a lesser modification and compromise? Or was the long micro an improvement in significant ways without significant trade-off's?
      > >
      > > And has anyone completed drawings or mock ups of the long micro with a navigator cabin? Those extra four feet of waterline just don't look as cute or beautiful as the smaller micro to my completely subjective eye.
      > >
      > > All the Best,
      > > Stefan
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