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  • prairiedog2332
    Mar 26, 2011
      I stopped in and saw Dynamite once. My wife and I went "down east" many
      years ago from Saskatchewan through Indiana and back up north to Prince
      Edward Island.

      I decided to see if I could look him up going through Maine and pick up
      a set of Cartopper plans. Got directions from the South Thomaston
      General Store to his place that had a small sign at the entrance but
      can't recall what it was now. But I immediately recognized his small
      shop and wind direction indicator made from a paddle over it.

      It was a nice July day, the door was open and he was inside and
      immediately said "Come on in." He was working on a boat model I
      recognized as a "Friendship Sloop". (It was the "Amy R. Payson" later
      sold as a kit in Woodenboat Mag.)

      It all became a bit of a blur for me after that, just like a devotee
      meeting his guru for the first time. He showed his methods for building
      models and then took me out to see a couple of Cartoppers he had built
      for clients - all done with polyester resins and regular exterior
      non-marine paints - but flawless in fit.

      Next came an invite for refreshments and a bite to eat from Amy and we
      sat outside on their little deck and visited. A lot of the conversation
      had to do with his collaborating with Mr. Bolger which brought to the
      forefront a taste of what it must have been like when those two got

      Before we knew it their son Neil arrived home from his teaching job and
      suddenly we realized it was way beyond the time we intended to stay.

      If I could sum it all up, Dynamite was a person very willing to share
      his knowledge yet tremendously interested in where you were coming from
      as well.

      I once read that " True genius sometimes comes across as deceptively
      simple." Anyone who had met Dynamite I think would agree.

      Those wishing to pay respects:



      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, c o'donnell <dadadata@...> wrote:
      > "Build the Instant Catboat" got me back into sailing and led me to
      > boatbuilding with whatever's on hand. I feel like he was a neighbor
      > even if we never met.
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      > dadadata@...
      > Box 66 Still Pond Md 21667
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