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65452Re: Mohegan frindship sloop and ballast

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  • vscopeland
    Feb 1, 2011
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      Yes, I would do the same, although it negates my eco-friendly notions previously mentioned!

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, BruceHallman <hallman@...> wrote:
      > > for high density, and also steel punchings are used in marine ballast
      > > concrete mixes.
      > After I hit send to that last email, it occurred to me that using
      > recycled automobile tire lead wheel weights at aggregate would be a
      > real and cheap alternative. Where I live, you can go down to the
      > local tire shops and they all have 5 gallon buckets where they collect
      > the wheel weights they discard when they balance new tires on rims.
      > The give these away for free or for cheap mostly to the people who
      > make lead castings for bullets, or for fishing weights etc.. Put
      > these lead wheel weights in the hold of Monhegan, and fill the
      > interstitial spaces with cement slurry, and you would get a cheap high
      > density ballast.
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