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65449Re: [bolger] Re: Mohegan frindship sloop and ballast

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  • BruceHallman
    Feb 1, 2011
      > for high density, and also steel punchings are used in marine ballast
      > concrete mixes.

      After I hit send to that last email, it occurred to me that using
      recycled automobile tire lead wheel weights at aggregate would be a
      real and cheap alternative. Where I live, you can go down to the
      local tire shops and they all have 5 gallon buckets where they collect
      the wheel weights they discard when they balance new tires on rims.
      The give these away for free or for cheap mostly to the people who
      make lead castings for bullets, or for fishing weights etc.. Put
      these lead wheel weights in the hold of Monhegan, and fill the
      interstitial spaces with cement slurry, and you would get a cheap high
      density ballast.
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