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65447Re: [bolger] Re: Mohegan frindship sloop and ballast

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  • BruceHallman
    Feb 1, 2011
      Erik wrote:
      >the steel while the steel is providing tensional strength.
      Chester wrote:
      >1st issue is that concrete does not adhere to the epoxy coating.

      Remember here, this is ballast, and the steel is there to provide
      density to the concrete. Loss of adhesion and the resultant loss of
      tensile strength is of no matter.

      Economy is the issue I think, and high density concrete is the goal as
      being cheap and easy to conform to the irregular shape being filled.
      The more dense the mix, the greater the headroom possible in that tiny
      cabin. I have seen the use of iron ore as aggregate in concrete mixes
      for high density, and also steel punchings are used in marine ballast
      concrete mixes.


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