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65232Isometric, 19ft6in 'Minimum Proa'

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Jan 7, 2011

      This looks like a 'head turner' cheap, fun and fast boat. It
      disassembles into pieces so (depending on the choice of scantlings) it
      could just barely be cartopped. Being a proa, it has two bows, and
      "tacks" by slowing to a stop and then reversing directions. The sail
      shape is determined by pre-curved laminated battens, and hence it
      probably could be startlingly fast. (Except for the cumbersome tacking

      I create this isometric so that I could actually understand the PCB
      devised bi-directional steering linkage. The "aft" steering fin is
      locked straight, and the steering is done with the forward steering
      fin (swapped fins depending on which end is going forward.)
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