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65144Happy New Year and Thanks to You All

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  • Susanne@comcast.net
    Jan 1, 2011

      Good Morning on this first day of 2011.  I wish you all a good year.
      I would like to thank you for your continuing interest in Phil's and our work.
      I hope that the re-establishment of the monthly Design-column in MAIB keeps feeding your curiosity and engagement in our thinking on boats, how to use them, and where to build them.  Note this month's feature on the preliminary design of "AS-34". Next month will be an update from the world of fisheries-policy and the working waterfront of Gloucester, essentially a summary of 2 projects of 2010 that I faced myself devoting serious time to, even though I already had an urgent agenda to tend to both in private matters and business, primarily of course securing and enhancing the legacy of Phil Bolger.  One motivating factor in the constructive engagement of these two issues was the further broadening of relative relevance of Phil Bolger's thinking both on local level and in the discourse amongst high-level experts. 

      As Bruce Hallman alerted you to already, Phil Bolger & Friends was invited late February
      '10 to give a presentation at the first international conference on "Energy Use in Fisheries" in Seattle, Nov. 14-17,'10, sponsored by NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) - a branch of the US government, the WORLD BANK and the UN-FAO (U.N. Fisheries and Agriculture Organization). Experts from 18 nations offered perspectives, with me amongst them (quite unexpectedly).  MAIB will feature my report on it.  It was and remains gratifying indeed to put Phil's and my work into that forum of discussion.  That high-level recognition of the fundamental legitimacy of our perspective should contribute to the likelihood of at last getting craft built and tested across 4-seasons.

      The other project is directly related to the viability of this Port and its working and pleasure-fleets as we see $4/gal looming on the horizon.  When we first raised the issue of accelerating fuel-cost in 2002-03 crude oil was around the low-20s per barrel.  Now it has gone past $90 while many of us are still mired in the Great Recession.  JP MORGAN speculates about $120 by 2011-12.  We've got to be prepared for significantly higher liquid energy-cost in whatever area of life and work we can do something about.

      For March MAIB there will be another design feature.

      I want to thank the 'keepers' of this Forum and its many steady and casual contributors.  In no particular order and addressing you all, I want to thank for instance Bruce Hallman for his efforts to put the 2-D line-art work into more appealing yet visuals, Long for the calender (he sent me one) with beautiful photos not in this archive, Massimo for the stirring video and reports on his IDAHO-project (I linked the YouTube footage to others), and the various authors of key-threads on small and large technical and functional issues along with the many progress-reports and photos on on-going and completed boat-building projects. 

      During the dark year+ after Phil's death, I did and do draw sustenance from quietly reading your discussions.  And I know I should have added to them more than I did.  But I am still metering my energies for various daily demands restructuring this existence without my love, mentor, co-conspirator, companion.  I constantly miss his presence and find myself often in need of 'the other hand' which is no more.  So I draw energy and satisfaction from this Forum, major events (for me) such as Seattle and the knowledge that we did together and now I do try to address issues that seemed to us in need of tending, despite at times fiscal and emotional expenditures not agreed to by our CPA or always supportable by our emotional balance. 

      There is one more most serious project here in town that depends on this office for success but should also (at last) result in reasonably serious fiscal returns.  I'll will report when it is on solid ground.

      May this New Year present us all with opportunities and successes, health and balance in our lives, and perhaps a chance to add to the serious and joyful progress in our families and communities.

      Susanne Altenburger
      Phil Bolger&Friends, Inc. 

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