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  • Eric
    Dec 30, 2010
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      Anchors have come up in a few threads, and came up again today. A year ago I did extensive research to determine the best anchor for ROGUE. I spent months researching the matter, and this was on top of research I had done ten or fifteen years earlier.

      The best single thread on the subject is here:
      I can summarize as follows: The newest generation of anchors are significantly better than previous anchors though they are not perfect. Carry more than one type of anchor. Rocna and Manson Supreme are the best all-around anchors. Next choice would be the steel Spade. Next are Delta, Genuine Bruce, and Manson Claw anchors of 35 lbs or more weight. No guarantees about other claw types. Luke (yachtsman) is good in rocks but otherwise useless. Good Danforth types (Danforth and Fortress) are excellent for landing craft and similar uses: sand or mud, lots of scope, and no change in direction.

      I bought a 22 lb Rocna. I also have on board a 13lb standard Danforth, Fortress that is lighter but about the same size, another Fortress about the size of a 22 lb standard Danforth, and a 50 lb stainless steel plow mostly because I already own these anchors. I don't consider the plow much more than a kellet, but it stores readily available and down low, and a claw of sufficient weight is too difficult to store anywhere below and I don't want the weight on deck. I hope the plow will work better in rock and perhaps kelp than the Rocna. In a storm the plow will be on the secondary rode boat side of the Fortress to give the Fortress infinite scope. But I will be relying on the Rocna to keep me safe. It will be backed (outboard of the Rocna) by the Danforth for whatever help it will provide. My anchor rodes and cleats will take all the force the anchors can resist. The Rocna is my everyday anchor and lunch hook. If it is down I expect it will hold ROGUE no matter what unexpected blow happens.

      Overkill? ROGUE is engineless, and may remain so. Anchors are critical when there is only sail and anchor to rely on. Oh, the plow will be good for drudging as well (Lowering the anchor to allow the boat to drag under control, and stop when wanted. It is even possible to steer the direction of drag.).