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65110Advanced Fisherman 70 isometric, (was: Yamato Launch isometeric (was Large, big, long Diablo ))

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Dec 30, 2010
      >His square boats from the 80s on tend to follow this plan. If looked at from bow-on or stern-on, the chine line will bisect the angle formed
      >by the side and bottom. Phil talked about this in BWAOM, stating that by evenly splitting the water flow, eddies swirling across the
      >chine would be reduced. That is why boats like Micro have a transom bow, since taking the lines out to a pointy stem would result in a
      >bow too high out of the water. However, by adding a box-keel cutwater under the bow, he could get around this problem.
      > Perhaps Bruce could post some of his lines plans or links to them to show Phil's methodology.
      > fred s.

      Actually, it is fair to say that most all their hard chine
      displacement boats since the 1980's have more or less used this equal
      curvature shaping.

      The Advanced Fisherman series of the last decade also have nearly
      identical bottom and side curvatures. (Albeit with an added cutwater
      at the bow.)

      I just competed a study of the Advanced Fisherman 70, which reflects a
      vast amount of design energies of PB&F during the last decade.

      I am convinced that it is a genius design, and if the politics were
      right, a fleet of AF70's would revolutionize the modern fisheries

      See the isometrics here:

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