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6509Re: [bolger] More Mast Alternatives

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  • Mark Albanese
    Aug 4, 2000
      Had a look through some old 'How To Build 20 Boats'. In with
      the mix between runabouts with fins and Sea Scout cruisers
      by William Garden and other serious boats there are lots of
      drawings re: rectangular box spars.
      I actually didn't find more than one plywood mast. Which
      makes me think these might really be more of a Sam Rabl
      innovation than I thought.

      The examples in the 3 mags mostly specified the purest Sitka
      Spruce, and none was free standing. I noticed that, while
      they had various fillers here and there, none had a big
      solid plug at the bottom. That's further confirmation to me
      that for a freestanding wooden mast, a substantial solid
      plug is very important.

      There was one boat showing another way to have a plywood
      mast. This was 'Guppy', cuter than a Swan shaped pedal
      boat. a 5' x 32" children's sailboat. Meticulously laid out,
      deep keel, washboards, paddle and all come from one sheet
      each 3/4 and 1/4 inch plywood. The rig is is the four sided
      sprit, something under 16 sq. ft.

      A pair of blanks for the 5' x 2 1/2" mast come from one
      edge of the 3/4" sheet. Glued together and tapered
      for'n'aft, it isn't kidding for this little boat.

      Keep safe,

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