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64852Re: Micro rudder

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  • dir_cobb
    Nov 11, 2010
      Dear all

      As I read this thread about fighting the tiller I was taken back to the plans of my Oldshoe which include:

      "Tiller batten... bored to take movable pins to hold rudder at various angles..."

      I had often asked myself why this was designed into the plans for the mizzen rigged boat (self steering and all that). I believe I now have the answer. PCB appears to have thought of tired arms going downwind and running and designed the solution into the boat.

      Does Micro also have one in the plans? I couldn't see the point of it so never fitted it in Oldshoe. Now I do and shall... All credit to PCB.(Doesn't stop your needing a strong rudder though).

      Just my two cents.

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