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  • Joseph Stromski
    Nov 1, 2010
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      Ross, my pleasure. As a proud owner of a Michalak AF4, I know of the Bolger legacy. I'm a big music lover, and love listening to how newer bands put their own twist on familiar styles, or even draw inspiration from specific artists. I suspect boat design is much like that, in that there's really very little "new", just constantly evolving ways of re-interpreting the past. Combine your own talent with inspirational material that resonates with your soul. You can't go wrong.
      Has a prototype 3 Brothers been built? I'd be extremely interested in hearing more about her...

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      Thank-you for the posting about 'Three Brothers'. You are correct in thinking that she was inspired by Phil Bolger, but that applies to every one of my published designs. It is not that I deliberately went out with the intention of copying PCB's style - in fact, I hate the idea of copying - but the fact is that of all the designers I have studied over the last forty-five years, Phil's work is what has struck the most resonant chord. Therefore, no matter what work I do, I find his philosophy (or I should say, my understanding of his philosophy)keeps bubbling to the surface.

      Here is a recent example. She may not strike one as being trade-mark Bolger at first glance, but a study of her structure and rig will reveal that she is heavily influenced by Phil's words and designs.


      Phil Bolger was my most important teacher in life. Even though I never met him, his influence exceeds that of any teacher with whom I have come into contact. Such a generous man with his insights.

      Ross Lillistone www.baysidewoodenboats.com.au

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Joe Stromski <j.stromski@...> wrote:
      > Looks like Ross Lillistone drew up a set of plans for a 27ft powerboat
      > "Three Brothers". The design was commissioned to replace his friends
      > Sharpshooter. I'm interested in this design, as it seems to address the
      > reasons I've ruled out the Tennessee as a future build, that being
      > performance in a chop. It's on the "latest news" page at the link below.
      > http://www.baysidewoodenboats.com.au/
      > Best,
      > Joe

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